10 Commandments for Africans in the worldcup

Africa has an array of the worlds greatest footballers, superstars who of course don’t get mentioned or recognized as much as they should. I am talking about the likes of Yaya Toure, Drogba, Eto’o, Kevin Prince Boateng, Atsu, Kojo Asamoah, Andre Ayew and many more. I can go on and on with name even from the past such as Abedi Pele, JJ Okocha, Oppong Weah and other legends Africa has produced, but the worlds question still remains, “Why do Africans perform badly at the World-Cup?”

Just like you, getting frustrated and almost having a heart-attack from watching all the African teams play at this world cup, I went to bed with that same question “Why?”. The answer came to me in a dream:

I was at the top of Kilimanjaro cutting wood for fire and all of a sudden a voice, as loud as a roaring thunder said, “I am that I am, the God of Africa, the God of thy Motherland”. I quickly went down on my knees and said “Ah-ah God, nah you I dey wait for ohh, why do my people suffer like so for World Cup?” He struck me with a tabernacle and said “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” As I scratched my left ear, I guess the almighty God and him knowing me so well realized that this ‘boi’ was lost in his quote, so he decided to hand down to me the


1.Thou shall not bow down to any god apart from the God of Africa, no superstar, no world class player or team. It’s the beginning of your defeat.
2.Thou shall emancipate thyself from mental slavery, cos none but ourselves can free our mind.You are not inferior.
3.To die for is to win for and when you die for your country, a legend you shall be, not for your country alone but for the whole African continent.Sacrifice.
4. Have pride and play with a bit of arrogance. Have authority like Shaka Zulu.
5.Thou shall be disciplined like an army soldier, like an African warrior ready for combat. We did it before to win independence who says we cant do it to be world leaders.
6.Thou shall remember this; “It’s a tournament and not a league, so show some urgency, damm it”
7.Crazy haircuts do not win the game, the fashion statement is in your game. Focus.
8.Remember this as well, skills don’t win the game, goals do.
( I am tired of the we lost but we played better. NO WE LOST FULL STOP.)
9.Keep politics out of football.This goes not to the players alone, but to the coach, team managers, etc.
10.The biggest sin is to sell the game. that is selling your pride, your orijin. That is bring colonialism all over again.

Kevin-Prince-Boateng Ghana

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