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Finding Fashion – 2011 Afro Rock Event, Accra Ghana

Ghana, like many African nations, is seeing a gradual yet undeniable metamorphosis of how the arts are being perceived; and fashion is one of the fore runners.  A new dogma on how the fashion industry is portrayed and leveraged is central to idea of change. We have been slow to the game in realizing the potential of fashion as a form of revenue, tourism, international fame and more importantly a very lucrative business and avenue for job creation; nevertheless, this has not kept us from moving mountains to catch up! In recent times, African designers have reunited with their muses; which in the long run is great news for you, me and all other fashion lovers!  Finding ones muses is definitely a step in the right direction but what’s most important is showcasing the resulting masterpieces to the world.

Bliss Creatives (www.blisscreatives.com) , a new full service premier consulting boutique is among the few of its kind in Accra, the designated fashion capital of Ghana, that is helping to redefine fashion’s position in the ever growing entertainment industry; one event after the other. This time around, their formula for success included a glamorizes space convening the most outstanding, up and coming fashion designers, amidst great entertainment, creativity, fashion and talent all rolled up in a one-day affair.

The date: October 15, 2011. The place: Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra Ghana. The event: The Premiere Afro Rock Fashion event!

Fashion lovers, supporters, professionals and trendsetters witnessed the making of fashion history as Afro Rock commenced with a Trunk Show Exhibition of various well-known and up and coming brands and designs. The Golden Tulip hotel exhibition hall was transformed into a space of expressive art forms, creative flair and explosive talents that had two main things in common – impeccable genius and a taste of Ghanaian culture. Displayed art forms included clothing, jewelry,  footwear, swim wear, accessories, makeup  from designers like Aya Morrison, Renee Q, Christie Brown, Mina Evans, K’Naf couture, Pistis, ajePomaa gallery, Christiana Parker, Row Von, She by Bena, Peachy Purr, Nameless couture, Tebazile, Chic Accessories, Heel the World shoes, L’ane organics, Sepha, S@4a, Rash Beads & accessories, and Chocolate clothing. It was definitely a treasure chest for the fashion visionary looking for that ultimate find or purchase.

Check out scenes from the Afro Rock trunk show:

The day’s events concluded with a grown and sexy Red Carpet event amidst delightful cocktails, enlightening conversation and relaxing music, which conveniently ushered in an exclusive invitation-only high fashion runway event.

The runway was electric as the blazing collections of Aya Morrison swim wear and the sultry blend of ajePomaa gallery tore down the runway. Patrons were at the edge of their seats as masterpiece after masterpiece satisfied their eager curiosity.

This event definitely lived up to its purpose as a premiere event introducing talented Ghanaian designers who use the Ghanaian culture and fabric to create beauty. This event among many to come is a stepping stone to help the Ghanaian fashion industry blossom from youth to maturity.

Success was definitely in the cards with patronage from the Ghana Ministry of Trade & Industry as well as an impressive listing of local and foreign media sponsors and partners including Face2 face Africa, Golden Tulip Hotel- Accra, Dust Magazine, Ever Pure Water, Coca Cola, Finatrade, Ultra Films Publishers, MVP, Kobay, F&A, Emerge Magazine, Dream Wedding Magazine, Glitz Africa magazine, TV3, Viasat 1, ETV, Metro TV, YFM, and HITZfm.


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