Swizz Beatz Blends Fela Kuti Classics With Hip Hop Beats

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Dubbed “the James Brown of Africa,” Fela Kuti and African music in general is making waves in mainstream American music. People are looking for something new and exciting in music and it seems like Africa has what they are looking for.

African music is becoming such a staple in mainstream America that heavyweight hip hop producer Swizz Beatz can’t resist the infectious sounds of Nigerian legend Fela Kuti . In a recently released mixtape titled Swizz Beats vs. Fela Kuti, Swizzy blends Kuti classics such as “Yellow Fever,” “African Woman,” and “No Agreement” with some of his biggest hits, including “Touch It” and “Tambourine.”

While some have argued that African music is becoming too ‘American,’ it looks like American music is the one becoming more African.

So if you thought that was all , try this beyonce Swiss Beatz on Fela:

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