Amber Rose Gets Schooled by Local Ghanaians

There are copious amounts of scientific research proving that human beings orijinated in Africa and migrated across the world. As we migrated, our features changed, thereby enabling us to better acclimate to our new environments.  While initial research indicated that we orijinated in Northern Africa, recent scientific research has show that human orijins began on Southern Africa. According to Dr Francois Balloux, a researcher of a comprehensive report published in the Journal of Nature (July 19, 2007) “To test the alternative theory for the origin of modern humans we tried to find an additional, non-African origin. We found this just did not work. Our findings show that humans originated in a single area in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Further supporting this theory is a recent report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in March 2011 which noted that “Africa is inferred to be the continent of origin for all modern human populations.” The study further suggests that “the genes of the Namibian and Khomani bushmen (southern Africa), Biaka pygmies (Central Africa) and the Sandawe (East Africa) appear to be the most diverse, and by implication these are the most ancient populations of Homo sapiens.” These conclusions were drawn from the fact that various populations in Africa, mostly in Southern Africa, had the greatest degree of human diversity in the world. This serves as an indication of longevity because there is a loss of generic variation when a new population is established.

We also published a report in May 2011 by biologist Dr. Quentin D. Atkinson from the University of Auckland in New Zealand who published an article in the journal science detailing how phonetic clues imply that modern human language originated in Southern Western Africa. While some of us are unaware or choose to turn a blind eye to this information, Africans, particularly Ghanaians, are well informed about our orijins and extended their knowledge to American model Amber Rose upon her recent visit to the their country.

The model recently tweeted “Just Landed in Ghana everyone here is so sweet! I really can’t believe I’m in Africa right now! God is Great :-)”. In additional to their noted hospitality and welcoming nature, the model further tweeted  “The guys played the drums for me & said they wanted to Welcome me home, naturally I told them I wasn’t from Africa & They said “We r all brothers & sisters everyone comes from Africa Welcome home Amber” #Deep

Local Ghanaians welcomed Amber Rose ‘Home’- to the Motherland – the birthplace of the human race. Equipped with the knowledge of human orijin, local Ghanians extended their hospitality to Amber because they did not see her as an outsider but rather as their ‘sister.’

Acknowledging and accepting the fact that ALL human being share a single orjin – Africa (a place described by racist theory as the “dark continent’) will do wonders in dismantling the very foundation upon which racist ideology is premised and will also make us more welcoming and accepting of each other. As soon as we acknowledge that we are one people, of one orijin, then our perceived racial differences that have separated many of us will no longer matter.



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