My father at an early age told me, “Women are queens and should be treated as such. They provoke when you are at peace but allow them because they will eventually calm down and crawl in your arms.” There is a lot of disrespect towards women today. Words like ‘bitch,’ ‘whore’ and ‘pussy’ are becoming acceptable terms in the everyday vernacular of many. They are considered slang that is accepted in certain communities. Let me give you an example; “ yo, I hit that last night” or “I am the number one bitch” are often used by many. As disturbing as this might sound to some, to other, it is an acceptable way to communicate their thoughts and feelings.

A month ago there was a story about a pregnant woman who was beaten to death by a bunch of guys, in lame mans terms she was “jumped” to her grave. A few days ago, women who protested for Ivorian president to step down were attacked and killed. In our daily lives, women are being raped, oppressed and murdered just because of their biological makeup. I can guarantee you that if you were to review the news by the end of the day, you will encounter a story about women who were murdered, oppressed or tortured only because of her identity as a woman. Where do we draw the line of knowing “how to be a man” and affirm your position and how to be respectful to treat women? Yes we live in a world where women have the right to work, contribute to the economy and household but does that strip them from their cherished position as bearers of life?

What is the difference between a man and woman in today’s world?

Sometimes I fear that future generations will lose an understanding of the value of women and men. Why?

The world has changed and some might argue that culture is being left behind; that there is no true love for the importance of women likewise men in the manner God created us.

Men were built in the shape of an old good Chevy, the hard rusty body that rattles and roars, sits on the ground and ready to speed off in the dusty road. Women were built more like that quite smooth engine of a BMW that drives close by you at the red light. The shiny slick metallic black 6 series waiting for the green light and shhwwwww!!!! just as it sounds, speeds off with a smile. They are both good cars and can balance each other.

Is that the case in this world today? Are men Men and are women Women? Do we balance each other or are we trading off what we are built for? How do we treat each other? Are we respectful to each other?

Today March 8th, marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a celebration to acknowledge the economic, political and social achievements of women past and present that is observed around the world. Over a million men and women attended rallies to campaign in 1911 for women’s rights to work, vote and hold public office. Today we have great women in our mist that do a lot for the community. They have always been and continue to be the very foundation of the human race.

Lets us not forget their contributions and struggles. Let us instill in our children the need to love, cherish and appreciate all of the beautiful women in out lives.

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"I can't change the world but I believe I can have a positive impact on one person to motivate another person, to influence a change. I believe you and I can inspire the WORLD."

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