When the people of Ferguson descended on the streets to protest the shooting of of Mike Brown, they wanted to bring a stop to years, decades, even centuries of injustice brought about by various systems; with the police being the most notorious of them all. The protest against the Mike Brown shooting was/is bigger than Mike Brown. It’s about trying to dismantle a system that was built on racist ideals. Protesting Mike Brown’s shooting was/is seen as an opportunity to change the American psyche about the value of a Black man’s life. To once and for all break the chains and finally be free of the notion that the Black body is nothing more that chattle/disposable property.

As we reflect, we will feel anger, disappointment and even despair, however, we should not only focus on the negative.

Mike Brown’s death has ignited a fire in many of us that hasn’t been witnessed since the fight against segregation. It has taught us the power of community and has reminded us not to be complacent in operating within a system that was designed to satisfy/fulfill the interest of a limited few. Let us honour Mike Brown, Kimani Gray, Amadou Diallo (ect.) and the hundreds of other young Black men killed each year by continuing to fight against the system and by demanding change. However, with the prevalence of Black on Black crime, we should always remember that change should first start at home.

It's Bigger than Mike Brown

break the chains


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