“One Blood, One Blood, One Blood!”: Reggae Artist Junior Reid and his One Blood Family Help Raise Funds for Japan

Many of us know Junior Reid for his hit song ‘One Blood.’  The song’s popularity reached a larger international audience after hip hop artist The Game sampled and featured Reid’s song on his hit ‘It’s Okay (One Blood)’ from the album Doctor’s Advocate in 2006. ‘One Blood’ expresses the unity of ALL regardless of backgrounds. Sticking true to his lyrics,  Reid and his crew, the One Blood Family, have come together to raise funds to provide aid to those affected by the devastating tsunami in Japan. They will host two events titled ‘Japanese Thursdays’ at Club View on Eastwood Park Road in Jamaica.  The proceeds from their performances at the two scheduled events will go relief efforts in Japan.

Japan holds a special place in the hearts of many Jamaicans and the reggae community because they have been avid supporters of Jamaican and reggae culture.  Reid best expressed the close relationship between Jamaica and Japan by stating, “As foreigners, you don’t have no one else in the world who come to Jamaica to get involved in music like Japan. Nuh American, nuh Englishman can compare to them when it come to musical relations to Jamaica. Wi want them to know that the One Blood family respect, and love goes out to them. They support our music, so we affi support them.”

This is not the first time Reid and his crew has come together to help those effected by natural disasters. They have been constant contributors to Haiti since the country was hit by the 7.0 earthquake last January.

The efforts of Reid and his crew demonstrate that the themes of “Oneness” and ‘Unity’ as often expressed in reggae music and culture are more than words.  They are a way of living.
Orijinal Junior Reid: One Blood

Game and Junior Reid: One Blood

Orijinal Questions

  • Does it matter where you are from to be a good samaritan?
  • One Blood’ expresses the unity of ALL regardless of backgrounds;  color, culture, religion or race we have seen this in egypt where two religions fought together for a change in leadership. How can this be applied in todays western world?


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