Adjoa Osei, a new brand with its debut collection titled Adapt is definitely one to watch. The collection small but concise, shows expert editing and a keen attention to the creation of cohesive looks. The pieces fit seamlessly together but they also can stand on their own and can be easily mixed with other contemporary styles. As stated on the Adjoa Osei website, the focus of Adapt “…is clean lines and classic shapes with injections of print, colour and detail. As a prelude to the winter collection, Adapt explores the different ways that smart/casual wear can be enhanced by African print.”

“Simple yet chic”…The pieces are un-complicated, well made and have accents of expertly placed detail. The white shirt with the short sleeved African print cuffs and the thick strip of print down the back of the shirt, is an awesome piece that can be dressed up or down. The long maxi skirts in bright colors with African print detailing on the pockets, is an unassuming way to incorporate the ornate print onto a simple design. The symmetrical print detailing on some of the bangles, mixed with other monochromatic ones, is a dynamite combination. While the large necklaces, some chunky and gaudy, others with a multitude of chains, perfectly accessorizes the looks.



What I truly love about this collection is that it shows the evolving nature of contemporary African fashion. The Adjoa Osei brand is still using the African print, and traditional African jewelry like bangles; but infusing it with a more modern, clean and understated aesthetic. An African infused J-Crew is what comes to mind when I think about the Adapt collection. And though this is only the first collection under the brand and may not define its look collection after collection; its refreshing to see its unique use of African print.

Take a look at more of the designs, and find out where to buy the clothes below!

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African Fashion has always been in style.

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