Breaking Through Barriers: Yves Tchouta , Film Director

Yves Tchouta : Wamba

Born in Cameroon, as a child, Yves Tchouta’s vivid imagination and flair for writing led him to constantly dream of a day when he would be able to bring his intricate stories to life through film. Growing up in Belgium, such dreams motivated him to relocate to the United States where he saw opportunity to situate himself to break into the industry through academic and professional pursuit. He began by teaching himself the skills script-writing and development through books which lay the foundation for the narratives in his mind to metamorphose into tangible pieces of work ready to come to life on the big screen. This determination earned him one of ten available spots in a competitive film program at Georgia State University for which more than two hundred applied for. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Film and Video and a minor in Music Management, Tchouta was ready to embark on his journey as a film writer and director. His journey is ingrained in a strong passion and aspiration to create films that resonate. Films, that challenge global perceptions regarding race and socio-economic issues that have continue to affect Africa. And above all, films, that when watched by audiences globally, would inspire viewers; while bringing African film making and production to a level of cinematic quality that is all too scarcely not credited to the immense talent emerging from the Continent. His first short film titled English, tells the story of a young African man who leaves Europe for America after becoming disheartened by the immigrant European lifestyle. His first narrative feature film Wamba, made selection to the 19th Annual Pan African Film Festival held in Los Angeles this past February and is nominated by the Nollywood and African Film Critic’s Awards to be held this September for the Best Drama and Best Editing awards. Shot in Kenya, the film tells the story of young teenager whose community- a slum named California, is hit with the AIDS epidemic during the 1990’s. When accused of witchcraft by community deeply entrenched in stigma upon his parent’s death, Wamba goes on a search for answers, learning from doctors that his parents were killed by a disease called AIDS. Resented and cut off by his slum, Wamba is determined to educate his community despite the struggles and violence he encounters in attempting to do so. With an exceptional cast made up of acting talent from across the continent, Wamba tells a story of hope, strength, and above all courage. written

By Gnima Savané

Part I of Orijin Culture and Magazine’s T.R.A.C.E. [The Rich African Culture Experience] event, Washington DC Edition on Saturday August 20th is a benefit screening for Wamba. This will be held at Jin Lounge, located at 14th and U-Street (2017 14th St. NW, Washington D.C.). Doors open at 6:00pm and appetizers will be served. Please make sure to RSVP as space is limited.

RSVP at:

  • Facebook Event page
  • Orijin T.R.A.C.E Eventbrite

Proceeds from the event will go to Nyumbani Village in Kenya, an orphanage that houses, educates and economically empowers the surviving generations of those left behind by the AIDS Epidemic. To learn more, check out Lucy Coutinho’s piece: “Finding Hope for a Lost Generation” that shares the story of a short film by DC filmmaker Nihal Dhillon documenting her trip to Nyumbani Village. This 8-minute documentary will also be screened on August 20th, prior to the presentation of Wamba.


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