I remember when the verdict was read on Trayvon Martins Case. I remembered how I lowered my head with this question. “Do Black lives matter at all”. Today Ferguson Grand Jury reached a decision in Michael Brown’s case, the unarmed Black teen, was shot and killed by policeman Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. No indictment.

“Let’s discuss this. Put it to rest because this needs to get off our chest. That our mouths, we are muskets. Words, they are bullets, not to be fussed with. This is how we shoot back. With this assembly, we aspire to provoke not riot, but conversation.”

I feel like i’m in a de ja vu with Trayvon Martin’s disappointment trial where George Zimmermen was let out a free man.Let’s discuss this.

I fear that Eric Garner’s killer will me let free as well. Let’s discuss this.

How long will the system continue to jail us, Our men and children in jail over crimes they did not commit and coming our of jail finally found innocent after their lives have been and be shut down.- 20 years, 40 years  innocently behind bars. Let’s discuss this.

The Police Brutality against mankind and protected by law. Let’s discuss this. Yesterday was Amadu Diallo, the 23 year old immigrant from Guinea who was shot 41 times for pulling out his wallet, Justice not served. Let’s discuss this. Today we’ve heard Mike Brown and we still wait for Eric Garner –” I can’t breathe”– Let’s discuss this. Tomorrow who is next? Let’s discuss this.

Do Black lives matter at all? let’s discuss this.Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King.
Nothing to Discuss

courtesy of thegrio.com

courtesy of thegrio.com

 Courtesy of ibtimes.com

Courtesy of ibtimes.com

Let’s discuss this, Mike Brown won’t rest this, Garner next list

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