The real Rick Ross, once a drug kingpin who made 2 to 3 million dollars a day is calling out Hip-Hop Rick Ross to join forces and make a difference in the community– War against drugs, war against violence in the black community which results in jail time , and in some cases, death.

“I am inviting you in to come with me, let’s fight this culture, let’s fight this penitentiary culture in hip-hop that hip-hop is spreading, let’s make a difference.” According to the real Rick Ross, the government is using gangster hip-hop to sway the youth into a lifestyle that ends them up in jail. Coincidentally, not too long ago, I had read about how businessmen invest in prison properties and filling it up with inmates to make money.  Some might call it dirty business, I call it inhumane exploitation in the US.

I must be a fool to think slavery has been abolished. Slavery never died, it just go transferred into prisons where of course the population is up to 2 million – mostly Black and Hispanic.

Black and Hispanic community need to wise-up and rise-up as we are loosing our youth to drugs and violence.

I don’t even want to wonder if Hip-Hop Boss, Ricky Rozay will take upon the offer, I pray that he does take upon the offer to make a difference–Especially with the amount of Blacks in jail and continuing to find themselves in jail with their street life culture.

Street Credit

Someone said, he will not go for it over ‘street credit’. It will be a shame if Rick Ross turns down the offer over merely over ‘street credit’. Maybe it is time to redefine what ‘street credit’ is in the Black community instead of this facade of it being gangster, stone cold, etc.  If you even look deep into the True Mafia world,  the Mafia bosses have “street credit” based on what they do in their communities–The funding of businesses, paying  for education for the youth, paying hospital bills for individuals etc. For a brighter future of the youth, the perception of “street credit” has got to change in our communities. I will define it as the ability of using your power to inspire and empower people from the street to do something positive.

Our community needs a lot of empowerment, starting with our identity crisis and self hate. There is not too much trust for this system for Blacks and Minorities– from my point of view –especially from the untimely deaths of Trayvon, Mike Brown and others. The system is not to be depended on, we only have ourselves to depend on. It is time to build a system to rebuild our communities and benefit from our communities.

Rick Ross Love Your City


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"I can't change the world but I believe I can have a positive impact on one person to motivate another person, to influence a change. I believe you and I can inspire the WORLD."

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