Who is  an “Educated Slave”? Black man, Black man, second class citizen, can’t he tell i’m innocent, renaissance militant, hair curly jerry, this is what they do to me, I had to sell drugs there ain’t no equal opportunity, nah there aint no equal opportunity.

Educated Slave

Your testimony don’t add up/ they rap about a life they don’t live, it don’t match up/ my niggas got bagged, came home and still bagged up/ trying to skip death, praying not to get sent back up/
Niggas glorify a jail, like its a badge of honor/ every time I had to rob, shit..I ain’t really wanna/ niggas glamorize that shit, like no such thing as karma/ so treat your girlfriend, like you would treat your momma/
It’s all simple mathematics/ desire & temptations the father of bad habits/ the lack of money the root of evil, I got to have it/ whats the difference of me and ‘feinds’, we both addicts/
If I say I ain’t a slave, ill be lying to you/ no tears on my face, my hearts crying to you/ they put the knowledge in the books, they try to hide it from you/ And we ain’t reading, so why Martin Luther died for you/

Back in the 60s, we was fighting for our civil rights/ now days a pair of Air Jordans have you doing life/ cant afford the J’s you should have bought ya ass a pair of nikes/ now you locked, for trying to impress a Chick who wont send a kite/ Hustle mean sacrifice, depending what your passion like/ I grind so hard, you’ll think i’m saving for an afterlife/ I really got the right to brag, you do this shit for braggin rights/ in person, you be hurting, but your instagrams a lavish life/
That’s crazy,you niggas must be wavy,/plus ignorant, cuz you ain’t got no reason, why you hate me/ I can’t see you niggas, you would think a niggas maced me/ and ya chick trying to blow a nigga candle, cuz im cakie/ Dollar bills, a probably get a nigga killed/ when im broke and a rich nigga come around, I get the chills/ you cant relate if you aint never had to skip a meal/ if I ain’t rich, ill probably be in jail. Cuz Im a black man/


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"I can't change the world but I believe I can have a positive impact on one person to motivate another person, to influence a change. I believe you and I can inspire the WORLD."

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