FALL FOR CULTURE : “Be Bold, Be Radiant, and Shine this Fall Season”

The traditional vibrant African colors and patterns are still among us. Dare to preserve the culture while fiercely owning your personal style and spice. This is all the more reason to embrace these marriages of colors this fall season; wouldn’t you agree?  Let your fashion inspired pieces tell your story with each suffused pattern.

I am really excited for all of the vibrant colors making their debut this season such as rich reds, blues, yellows and oranges. I am not sure about you but this has just added so much more excitement to my wardrobe and not to mention that it will add some inspiration on those dark and cloudy days. So ladies, do not be afraid to be bold, leaving a colorful mark everywhere you go!

As the seasons change so should what we decide to store away and keep in our closets. But before you go all the way wild about cleaning out your summer wardrobe to make way for the fall fashion, here is what I would suggest: take close inventory and you’d be surprised on how many of your summer pieces can transition into fall.

My favorite summer pieces are those maxi dresses, super comfortable and flattering on any body type. Don’t we just adore them? I wouldn’t part ways with them just yet; you can still get a good wear for the next month or so. Paired with the perfect sweater and or cardigan and ankle boots with a thick necklace, this look is guaranteed to turn a few heads.

As for the shoe game, wedges always makes a comeback and this season it’s all about colors that pop, I recently purchased a pair of orange suede wedges that are not only comfortable but will help to liven those lazy days when you simply do not want to jazz it up. We all have those days and this may be just the savior. I found my pair at Express for a whopping $59 and they’re flying off the shelves.

My favorite for this fall is an oversized, relaxed sweater that can be incorporated to your weekend and workday.  You can have this look with your favorite pair of jeans or spoof it up with a skirt or dress for those classy office days. You can achieve comfort while looking fabulous.

For those chillier days, the  absolute must-have this season is the leather MOTO jacket and feel free to go wild again with colors and let your true personality shine.  Remember to keep it light and chic, whether running errands or a flirty night out on the town.

I love the femininity that this season brings with its African and animal prints, floral patterns and my all-time favorite polka dots.  Polka dots are truly a timeless trend that keeps making an appearance just when we think ‘time to get rid of these polka dots’ that never seems to want to leave.  Although I am personally excited those African prints that have never really gone anywhere in the first place, exemplifying the beauty of the African culture and its traditions.  This season it’s all about self-expression, don’t let your identity get lost and shuffled in the crowd. The bold ethnic-print is here to stay this season and designers everywhere are catching on and fast.

Feel free to share your culture fashion inspired moments, from one closet to the next!

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