My Mama use to tell me, “Spend your riches on the true essence of love on your wedding day, than the riches of materialism on your wedding day “, I never quite understood what she she meant– Actually, this is what I thought of her quote,  “Is this another parable that needs a Da vinci code?”  Forgive me Father God, if I am blaspheming.  Solange could have had a flamboyant wedding with thousands of guest, she could have had a coming to America ‘horse and carriage’ type of wedding, celebrity list running down her tail– Better yet, she could have easily rolled up in a classic Rolls Royce Fantom, but rather rolled up in a ‘Rose white bicycle’. Nothing to prove, just her union with Mr Alan Ferguson. The true essence of marriage captured in a simple yet beautiful wedding. It is all about us , not you , not them , Us. I finally get what Mama had been saying all these years.

It’s not the diamonds and pearls that defines the richness of your wedding, neither the amount of money spent on a weddings entertainment defines the longevity of your marriage–but the richness of your wedding is the important moment in your lifetime when you look in your partners eyes and say “I do”–when tears of joy start flowing down and hands begin clapping, happiness– surrounded with positive energy from love ones,  sharing a marvelous moment with you. A moment so rich no money can buy.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Solange Knowles + Alan Ferguson  INF (Courtesy of )

Solange Knowles + Alan Ferguson
INF (Courtesy of )

Credit: Rog Walker

Credit: Rog Walker

Wedding these days have become more of a show– an entertainment to please audience than the couple.

We spend more time on how to make the audience happy so that they could walk away talking about an epic wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, entertainment is good and should be part of it, but not forgetting that the celebration of bride and groom’s love is the most important.

I love thESE Ones

F@ck the Rolls Royce, Solange Rolls Cycle: Define Wedding

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