Does accepting Gay rights affect your culture?


Once upon a time there were songs like “Log-on I step on chichi-man” and “Rastaman don’t apologize to no batty-boy if yuh dis’ King Selassie I,mih gunshot yuh boy”. Songs like these and many others added fuel to our societies disapproval of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders in our community, in other words  any sort of LGBT was a “taboo”. Keep the tape running. You dare not show any feminine side as a man in public (You were simply signing your own death warrant). Many men suspected of being gay have been publicly  disgraced, publicly  beaten and some  burned to death with gasoline and car tires such as this gruesome killing that happened in Africa.

Please do not watch this video if under 18
or if you do not have the heart to watch
any sort of violent act

Sorry that I had to show you this.

Fast-Forward, a year ago, 2012, Obama approved gay marriage rights in the USA with his statement, “Over the course of several years, as I talked to friends, family and neighbors and when I think about members of my own staff or incredibly committed monogamous relationships . . . or those marines or sailors out there fighting on my behalf . . for me personally, it is important to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” on the contrary Uganda considered sentencing  adults who have gay sex to seven-year prison, life sentences for people in same-sex marriages and even including jail time for those who don’t “rat-out”  gays and lesbians amongst them.

Fast-Fast-Forward the tape to just yesterday whereby the news of the First African Gay Traditional Wedding in Africa broke out internationally and viral

Does being Gay affect your culture? Does accepting Gay rights affect your cultural pride? Not to generalize, but we can agree to disagree that homophobia exist heavily in African and Caribbean communities. The real question is,  if various cultures begin to accept lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, will this reduce social hatred and violence on the way our society perceives LGBT as non-humans or Devils? Will it bring some sort of education to people and also bring people out of the closet than keeping them there on the DL(Down Low)?

I have a personal question for you: Does accepting LGBT marriages in your culture change anything in  your cultural and traditional rite?

A lot of questions, a lot of thoughts, especially on the culture side, so I leave it open to you for a debate and opinions, but with respect to each other as human beings. One love


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