Ger: To be Separate…The Journey of Ger Duany

Ger Duany an actor, model and film maker started his life far from the “bright lights” of New York. Born and raised in Sudan, he was forced to be a child soldier when the conflict between North and South Sudan erupted. Many have characterized it as a war between the Arabs in the north and Africans in the south but more technically the government in the north was trying to expand and exercise dominant control over the entire country. Causing the people in the South- without a voice in the government, due to the bias redistribution of power after the colonialist British left the country – to be brutally attacked and displaced. The horrors of this war were vast.  Two million people were killed and another four million southerners were displaced from their homes. For many of the children, it left them wandering the desert looking for their families or in Ger’s case, some were picked up by Northern regimes to serve as a child soldiers against his fellow southern brethren.

Ger was lucky enough to escape being a child soldier and came to the United States where he enrolled in school. The colloquial term for Ger and many other boys like him is “Lost Boys.” These boys were allowed to come to the United States as refugees and were given access to resources like education, medical assistance, housing, etc (wikipedia).

While Ger was getting his education, he was discovered by David R. Russell and given the opportunity to take part in the film “I <3 Huckebees.” From there he was discovered by fashion photographer Norman Watson, launching his career in the modeling world.

Ger is now using his platform as a recognized actor and model to help those in Sudan still affected by the war. In January 2011, he went back to vote for the independence of South Sudan and to find the family he had not seen in 18 years. To tell his story, the award winning Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu filmed his trip to create the documentary “Ger: To be Separate”  which documents  his personal journey from escaping the life of a child soldier in Sudan, to finding is way back to Sudan again many years later.

Ger Duany and his mother in Sudan

The documentary is currently in post production and needs additional funding to be completed. Take a few minutes to view the video below to learn more about Ger, his journey and what this enlightening documentary will be about if it has the chance to be finished.

Remember that through listening to others stories we often gain clarity on parts of our own lives. Ger definitely has a story to tell. Let’s give him that chance!
Open your minds, Open your hearts and Open your wallets! Anything helps!

To donate to “Ger: To be Separate” CLICK HERE

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