Happy Independence Day to the Republic of Kenya!

Massai: Photo by Frantisek Staud

As one of the most diverse and most developed and economically robust nations in Africa, Kenya has come a long way since gaining independence from the British on December 2nd, 1963. Led by Named after Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kenya, the Republic of Kenya has played and continues to play an important role in African, particularly Eastern African development.

Although numerous media reports have characterized Kenya as being plagued by “ethnic violence” and recent droughts have resulted widespread famine, is makes claims to some of the worlds most spectacular and diverse wild-life reserves and safaris.  Kenya is also home to one of Africa’s most interesting and well known tribes, the Masia.

Like most African and post-colonial nations, Kenya continues to encounter various political, economic and social ills. However, there is always hope for the future. As noted by Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first Prime Minister “You and I must work together to develop our country, to get education for our children, to have doctors, to build roads, to improve or provide all day-to-day essentials.” As long as Kenyans continue to develop ways to work together then they will be able to overcome many of the issues they continue to face.

Orijin will to wish the Republic of Kenya and it’s people a happy independence day!

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