Kenyan MP kicked out of parliament because he is too hip-hop.


In KENYA, a member of parliament has been kicked out of his position as Nairobi’s MP because for his Hip-Hop style of dress and extracurricular activities. Gidion Mbuvi a.k.a ‘Mike Sonko’ was known for wearing sunglasses and diamond studded earrings in both ears.

‘Never in the history of this house have I seen a situation in which a member of parliament, who is a male, come in with earrings or some stuff in the ears or whatever you may want to call it,” said Deputy speaker Farah Maalim. Another statement came in from the Lands Assistant Minister Bifwoli Wakoli as i quote him, “In the history of this world since God created man, man has never imitated woman,”

Is this culturally misunderstood? Should his fashion be considered inappropriate for his position?

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