Meet Amsale: Ethiopian Born Top Bridal Designer to the Stars


Amsale Aberra Ethiopian born Top Bridal Designer

Ethiopian born couture bridal gown designer Amsale Aberra has become the ‘it’ designer for some of Hollywood’s most famous stars including Halle Berry, Selma Hyak and Julia Roberts, just to name a few. Hailing from the Ethiopia, Amsale notes that in her native country, she never envisioned being a designer because “in Ethiopia there were no fashion designers. I never knew that designing beautiful clothes was a profession to which one could aspire.” While she was unable to return to her native country for many years due to the revolution that broke out, Amsale has become a role model for young aspiring Ethiopian designers and entrepreneurs.

Today, Amsale has broken down barriers and has managed to become the only African bridal designer to have a boutique in one of the most coveted locations for fashion designers in America, Madison Avenue. Amsale’s success has been attributed to her keen eye for creating timeless, sophisticated, clean pieces that speaks to all races and generations. Her ‘forever modern’ creations continue to be sought after by some of the worlds most famous.

Amsale’s work and success has now become the focus of a reality series on WeTV titled “Amsale.” While many of Amsale’s bridal gowns might be out of reach for many of us ‘ordinary folk,’ since prices for her pieces range from $4000.00 to $75000.00, her series will enable young inspiring designers to get an in-depth view of how work ethic and all learn about what it takes to thrive and maintain success in the world of fashion.

Amsale Aberra Ethiopian born Top Bridal Designer

Amsale Aberra Ethiopian born Top Bridal Designer

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