Die baie moderne Afrikaanse danse van A-Z (Watch Video)

In Africa we have many dances, majority of them being Traditional and I have been an advocate of preserving our traditional dances and not making it mainstream. As a matter of fact, some dances are so sacred it is only performed by Kings and Queens of a certain tribe. You dare not even try to two step to the dance(I mean not literally) and be caught. You can be persecuted if caught performing those dances. There are also dances that are performed solely for various occasions such as funerals, troue, birth of a child, when one reaches puberty, and many other festive occasions.

However in our modern African world, Which I call the AFROPOLITAN world, we have managed to coin our own Lifestyle music and dances for our modern afro entertainment which can be compared to and embraced by the mainstream world such as dancehall by the Caribbeans, or the Hip-Hop by the African-Americans, or Reggaeton by the Latinas. Dj’s all over Africa and even certain Club Dj’s and radio stations in the Diaspora are turning up the volume to the new African fever, and it’s not just because they love it but because everyone is catching on to this new Viral thanks to the freedom of the internet world to tell our own story and share our own videos. From the popular dance music Azonto orijinating from Ghana, aan Coupé Décalé from Ivory Coast, aan Funana from Cape Verde to the all other popular modern dance music in Africa, its only right for me to say T.I.A (THIS IS AFRICA). Hou die kultuur lewendig.

Below is the list of Modern African Dances you saw. Stay tuned as we take each dance and do a full article on its orijin and history behind the dance.– as most of our dances still has a bit of its roots to our traditional heritage to it.

['N] Azonto, [B] Bolo, [C] Coupé Décalé, [D] Dialgati, [Dit] ëpukay [F] Flékélé, Funana, [G] Gweta, [H] Hapingo, [Ek] Ikoku, [J] Jazzé, [K] Kizomba, [L] Logobi, [M] Mulay Ceuguin, [N] Ndem, [Die] Oriental, [P] Pantsula, [R] Rass, Rimbaxpaxpax, [S] Sabar, Skelewu, [T] Taracha, Thiaxagün, [U] ?, [In] Vooga, [In] Wati Dance, [X] Xeccël Mbalu Jënn, [Y] Youza and [Die] Zoropoto


Geïnspireer deur Bob Marley se filosofie "Geen, maar onsself kan ons verstand bevry", Orijin is a unique “Lifestyle Brand” connecting all African descendants together through it’s Fashion merk < / a> and thought provoking magazine to influence our lifestyles world wide….Don’t just WEAR Orijin Culture, LIVE Culture.

Die volgende twee oortjies verander inhoud hieronder.
"Ek kan nie die wêreld verander nie, maar ek glo ek kan 'n positiewe impak op die een persoon 'n ander persoon te motiveer het, 'n verandering te beïnvloed. Ek glo ek en jy kan die wêreld te inspireer."

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