Mothers are the Pillars of Society: Happy & Blessed Mother’s Day from Orijin


The Malawian proverb declares that “Mother is God number two”.  Mothers are the pillars of society. They nurture, protect and guide their children and occupy a scared place on earth because they are the bearers of human life. Motherhood is also a scared component of a woman’s life. Most women often express the welcomed sense of meaning and understanding of self they attain through the birth of their children.

My mother passed away very shortly after my birth; therefore, I was not fortunate enough to experience the love of my biological mother. I know that she was a wonderful mother and nurturer because of stories related to me by my sister. While I am sometimes saddened by the thought of not having the privilege of knowing my biological mother, I cannot say that I have never experienced a mother’s love. I have been blessed and surrounded by some incredible women who took it upon themselves to ensure that I never felt that void of not having a mother. My grandmothers, aunts, sisters and other mothers in my community, all extended their maternal love and caring to me. I am grateful for these women because as young women we live by example and I have been blessed to have such inspirational role models.

It is often an expectation that women are required to make certain personal scarifies when they become mothers.  However, our expectations do not negate the need to acknowledge the difficulty of having to make these scarifies and showing appreciation.  A child should always ensure that a mother’s unconditional love is reciprocated.

While a simple THANK YOU will be never be enough, it is a small gesture in showing all you incredible mothers that you are appreciated, cherished, honoured and loved.  To all the incredible women (aunts, grandmothers, sisters, community leaders) who have at some point filled the role of “mother,” you are also well deserved of all the love and appreciation.



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