Since it’s inception, Orijin Culture has been dedicated to connecting all African descendants together through culture, and breaking the negative perceptions that plague Africa and the African Diaspora. Creating a unique voice of great writers over the years with enlightened perspectives to bring the “Unspoken” and the “Unheard” information to our intellectual curious audience, Orijin is taking its mission to the fashion world by re-branding its fashion line and launching ‘Orijin Boutique‘ ; An African influence fashion store designed to show the beauty of our culture and identity.

“Culture is not limited to one space. It lives through people, places and things. It creates a trend and a lifestyle.”-Archyn Orijin


VERNA Kyulah, the New Collection…

“VERNA Kyulah”(Vernacular) literally means a mother tongue or native language of a group of people. The idea behind this line came about from acknowledging the history of “silencing” many people of African descent have endured by loosing their native language and identity through the force of  speaking the language of their colonizers (usually English, Portuguese or French).  But “VERNA Kyulah,” the trendy “urban” voice  is here, speaking its native tongue. A language that the modern diverse world understands.

The “VERNA Kyulah” Collection with bold type T-shirts such as “99% of the image portrayed about Africa is Bull$h*t” and “Give me 1% of your mind and I will occupy it with the True Image of Africa…I’m the 99%.”, is designed to grab people’s attention, creating an awareness to inspire others to inquire about the multitude of meanings behind the simple declarations.  Africa and its different cultures are so much richer than the negative perception certain medias perpetuate. It is time we changed THAT voice. We are the people with the new voice. VERNA Kyulah

The Pidgin language is here. The Slang is here. The Cockney is here. The Creole is here. The Patois is here. We have RECLAIMED our VOICE. VERNA Kyulah.


Bullshit:- A blatant lie, a fragrant untruth, an obvious falicy (Urban Dictionary)



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African Fashion has always been in style.

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