The Orijin of Lovers Rock Riddimz: Feel Good


One of South London’s biggest exports has been lover’s rock riddimz. While it was orijinally created to fit within the more conservative London reggae scene, lovers rock has become a staple of reggae music worldwide.  Incorporating the smooth sounds of soul music and reggae baselines and riddimz, lovers rock tunes have emerged as one of the leading feel good music of all times.

While as a teenager British lovers rock singer Louisa Marks was the first to attain a lovers rock hit in 1975 with her single “Caught You in a Lie”, other artists such as Gregory Isaac, Freddie McGregor, Donna Marie and Maxi Priest have also been able to captivate the world with their smooth feel good sounds.

Whether you are catching a licckle bubble from the pretty girl at a BBQ or just enjoying a cold Red Stripe beer while listening to some loves rock on your porch/veranda or just sharing a tender moment with that special someone, it’s all about the positive the feel good vibes lovers rock music brings!

Enjoy some lovers Rock:

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