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Free your mind, speak your mind. This is a room of Art: Poetry, Spoken Word, Conscious Music, Wisdom and Knowledge. Let the Cypher Begin!!!

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We all know we orijinated from #Africa. Exactly where has been unknown to some of us, but that shouldn't stop us from claiming our roots and our orijin. Sharing our new concept and collection with you first. Please let me know what you think? [Coming this summer2015 ] orijinstore.comWe're ever ready... #Chelsea.
#ChelseaVsManU#Africanfashion has and will always sit on top of #fashion. And that's a bold statement.You don't wake up to LOVE like this... My morning smile, my blessing to keep me working hard. #goodmorning  to you all. Hope your day is filled with blessings as well. One love #orijincultureShe said Why is she reading my messages?...and she is only 8months. I swear every woman is an FBI agent, as in, way too smart for😊A woman with #culture is always golden in her mannerism...agree? | #orijincultureGODS CREATION IS BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE  INDEED...#beOrijnal#beOrijnal