Kanye revisits “President Bush does not care about black people” … Empathize or Sorry?

Do you remember Katrina? Do you remember that tragic, emotional year where we sat  and watched people drowning, starving, loosing their houses, businesses and loved ones on national TV?
Do you remember the unexpected comment from Kanye West?  “George Bush does not care about black people”:

Do You remember?

After many years that statement has been revisited, and
George Bush has responded. So has Kanye West.  Watch This:


This is a topic that many people have their own opinions and we live  in a society that opinions are welcomed.  Media is a strange business, and a funny one indeed. Media can make you and break you at the same time. Yes, many can agree that Kanye West has made some wrong choice of words or some fowl statements, because he  processes things differently and lets his passion get in the way easily. There are many people like that, but does that make them less human? Could that be a defect?  Is there a need for humiliation?

It is upsetting  how certain media take advantage of human beings and try to make a mockery out of them. “Sorry Mr Bush“, is that what you wanted Kanye to say Matt Lauer?

In the interview, it just seems as if Kanye West was only brought out there to apologize on national TV. How many wrong doings has Bush apologized to? America is going through a great depression and there could be a lot of apologies that could be made, yet we find a way to look for Kanye West to come and apologize to Bush. We find ways to blame Obama about the economy when he is trying to put America back on track forgetting how we got there.

True, the Talyor Swift incident could easily be comparable to Bushes incident when we talk about the unexpected  interruption and comment from Kanye West when he grabbed the mic from Taylor swift claiming Beyonce was better than Swift at the MTV Awards. She could have easily said “Kanye West does not like white people”. Would she have been wrong saying that? Almost everybody, black and white, rich and poor was against Kanye West for his interruption on Taylor Swift, even his close friends and family. He apologized willingly on national television for his comment, putting his ego aside.

My issue here about the Kanye West and Bush interview on todays show is more about the handling of the case by Matt Lauer and his conclusion to what was said.  Did Kanye West apologizes willingly or did  Matt Lauer of Today’s show shove those words in his mouth?  And why  the need to humiliate Kanye with the Taylor Swift video to open up wounds and bring back  a topic which has been dealt with, forgiving and forgotten. Is there a difference between  “Empathize” and “Sorry”? Do they mean  the same?


Empathy is the capacity to share the sadness or happiness of another sentient being through consciousness rather than physically. Empathy develops the ability to have compassion towards other beings.(Wikipedia.org)

Apology may refer to an expression of regret roughly a dislike of one’s own actions in the past.(Wikipedia)

So with that said, I hope not to see newspapers flying out saying “Kanye West Apologizes to Bush”. The correct term is Kanye West “empathizes” with George Bush

Where is the human side on media today?

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