Pride of Nigeria: Naija for life. And you wonder why?

On October 1st, 1960, Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Comprised of over 300 ethnic groups and competing religious traditions of Christianity, Islam and traditions African beliefs, which have inevitably brought about some division and conflict, Nigeria has come a long way since independence by becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Being home of the Nok civilization/culture, the earliest ancient and highly advanced civilization in Nigeria who were known for their well ordered economy and good system of government, it should come as no surprise that Nigeria has managed to strive economically despite  being plagued by its noted ethnic and religious cleavages. In addition to growing economically, Nigeria has also taken positive steps in helping to reduce ethnic and religious divisions and has emerged as a positive example for many African nations.

Happy independence Nigeria! A Country embedded with a rich culture and history. Orijin Culture wishes you continued progress and development.


Sade Adu: Singer, Songwriter Orijin Nigeria

Wale Folarin : Hip-Hop Artist Orijin Nigeria

Lola Ogunnaike : Journalist-VH1, MTV, CNN, NBC, Today Show Orijin Nigeria

Laura Izibor: Recording artist Orijin Nigeria

D'banj : Well know Artist in Nigeria currently signed to Kanye West Orijin Nigeria

Nneka: One of the Hottest New Artist. Orijin Nigeria

TUFACE: remember the shot track "You are my African Oueen" Orijin Nigeria

Oluchi Onweagba: Super Model-Victoria Secret, Gianfranco Ferré, Banana Republic ... Orijin Nigeria

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