Rita Marley acknowledged for her works in uniting African Descendants

Rita Marley , wife of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley,
was honored at the 17th Annual Caribbean American
Heritage Awards Gala with ‘The Marcus Garvey Lifetime
Achievement Award.’ An award presented each year to
acknowledge outstanding individuals who strive unselfishly
to empower, uplift and unit African descent.

Rita Marley who is also a musician is been recognize for
her work in changing the image of Africa and her effort
in uniting the people of the Caribbean and Africa.

Watch Allison of myFox DC’s interview with Rita Marley’s AKA “Nana Rita”
(A titled name acquired while living in Ghanaian.The name Nana is said to mean King/Queen):

Dr. Claire Nelson, president and founder of Institute of Caribbean Studies said “Nana Rita was a perfect recipient for our Marcus Garvey award. This award recognizes those who unselfishly advocate to empower and to uplift the people of the Caribbean and Africa,” .

“Throughout her life, through her music and her numerous actions, Nana Rita has demonstrated an unconditional to helping youth, lifting the image of Africa on the global stage, and to assist her Jamaican people. We are honored that she has accepted this award.”

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