What is a family to you? : Orijin’s “Special Dedication To All My Family Dem!”

Big-up to all my islanders dem for this one!

Meet Monsta, an up-and-coming hip-hop artist and reggae artist J-Boog, both of Samoan/Hawaiian backgrounds. Monsta has a crazy flow and J-Boog is making big waves in the reggae scene.“This is Love” expresses what many of us feel but sometimes forget to express.  Family is the cornerstone of every community and they should be reminded of their importance.

‘There come those times when everything got shut down
you keep me on track, when me had fall out of bounds
you heal my pain, yeh im a put my faith,
stop all da rain, makes the weak and oddest chain.

this is love — i dont know what im going to do with out you!!
real love — if im dating the money too
this is love — familly this is for me
this is love yo, this love yo’


Family is more than blood relatives.  Family are those who are there for you during the most difficult times; the ones who aren’t afraid to tell you like it is; and those who always have your best interests at heart.  They provide support and stick around when everyone else have deserted you. They are the definition of “real love.”

Can you imagine how much harder the struggles in life would be without the support of your family?




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