These Swedish Girls killing it with some serious African dance moves.

I swear I am loving this Swedish girl dance crew, not only because of their great African dance moves but also their mission to fight racism (“Dancers against racism”) through dancing. I personally can respect that as the world certainly needs that right now, especially with all the BS happening and police ‘effing’ brutality. Okay let me just stop right here before I go on ranting about other things that piss me off… Anyway no need to talk more,  just enjoy the other videos below. One love.

Sara Galan | Galang Crew

Inspired by Bob Marley’s philosophy “None but ourselves can free our mind”, Orijin is a unique “Lifestyle Brand” connecting all African descendants together through it’s Fashion brand and thought provoking magazine to influence our lifestyles world wide….Don’t just WEAR Orijin Culture, LIVE Culture.


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"I can't change the world but I believe I can have a positive impact on one person to motivate another person, to influence a change. I believe you and I can inspire the WORLD."

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