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"No puedo cambiar el mundo, pero creo que puedo tener un impacto positivo en una persona a motivar a otra persona, para influir en un cambio. Creo que usted y yo puedo inspirar al mundo."
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What is your excuse for? #Educate yourself but get wiser with questions and solutions..,#beOrijinalIf God created light and dark for us to live in, then why do we always associate dark with evil and light with good? Evil happens at day and night. In my world I associate dark with a time to be at #peace, a time to  #meditate,  a time for #romance, #lovemaking,  a time to #rest. In my world dark is a reflection of me, a free spirit.My #style , my #culture... #beOrijinalIt's not hard to find an #AfricanPrincess. We are everywhere; #cultured , #natural , #respectful , #independent , #virtuous , #educated , #classy... what else? ( in your own hashtag if the crown fits you )I danced with #Africa.Ground your feet first then shoot up to the sky. #NoLimtIs that your #fashion and #style ?