Uganda President turns hip-hop, citizens now angry. “You Want Another Rap…”

hiphop president uganda

There is a new Hip-hop rapper in Africa, Uganda. This is none other than the president Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who rapped his hit single “You Want Another Rap” to his citizens last month. A free unexpected concert, nice. A single which brought more excitement and public attention to the upcoming presidential election. Many great rappers will tell you, it is not easy in this industry and there are many sick upcoming hip-hop artist who are still struggling in this rap game. Well not the same case for this icon. The hip-hop president of Uganda would have probably hit platinum with his hit verse and gained many followers like Nikki Minaj who said in her sickest rap “50k for a verse, no album out! yeah my money’s so tall that my barbie’s gotta climb it, hotter than a middle eastern climate find it,Tony Matterhorn dutty wine it ….Rahhh!!! i’m a mother f@ck!#g monster”.

Watch the video of the hip-hop President’s song which gets his supporters go wild, sing and dance:

After a remix being made, people of Uganda are angry about the hip-hop president’s image on the media. There is a photoshopped image of him half naked , wearing bling and tattoos all over the tabloids. Spokesman Tamale Mirundi said those images being advertised were the most offensive, as he quoted on BBC
“When you see a president with tattoos, a president with necklaces, a president half naked – no, no, no,”. There are others that are also mad about the rap and said they will prefer new roads than a new rap star

Is this a great marketing campaign designed to attract the youth “gone bad” or is it just over blown by the public with sensitivity and lack of knowledge in the hip-hop world ?
Do you remember this interview with Obama about hip hop:

Who is The hip-hop President: President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda ,who been in power for over 20years

LYRICS to his hit single “You Want Another Rap”(most of his Lyrics are in Runyankore,a native language spoken by some parts of Uganda):

hiphop president uganda

hiphop president uganda

“You want another rap?”
“Harvesters … gave me millet,
that I gave to a hen,
which gave me an egg,
that I gave to children,
who gave me a monkey,
that I gave to the king,
who gave me a cow,
that I used to marry my wife,”

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