You Nah See A Ghana Mavado Mad Ova?

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While many of us throughout the African Diaspora have never been to the “Motherland,” we often feel a sense of connectedness to it. Africa, the place of our beginning and orijin, has this ability to compel us – its descendants, to yearn for its embrace.

Internationally celebrated and renowned Jamaican reggae group Morgan Heritage took heed to this yearning in 2009 and documented it. In their in brief trailer release, ‘Morgan Heritage – Africa is Calling,” the group spoke about their initial encounter with the people of Dakar, Senegal. Group member Gramps Morgan explained that “the people received us with a warm heart.” He also spoke of the “ancient sound” he heard, through the playing of the African drums, which transcended anything he had ever experienced. As he explained, the experience “wasn’t normal….it feels like your heart is coming out of your chest.” The music and the people “connected” to his heart.

Recently, international reggae artiste and singjay Mavado also expressed his sense connection to Africa and his intention to move there. After performing at a concert that was hosted by Ghanaian reggae artiste Samini,  the “Gully God” Movado declared “Ghana reminds me of home” and expressed that he would love to move to the African country as soon as he is able to acquire land there. He further explained that Ghana reminds him of “home” because of his African ancestry and was very excited about his prospects of living in the “Motherland.”

By going back to their historical roots and culture, Morgan Heritage and Movado were granted the ability to experience what many of us throughout the Diaspora long for; a sense of understanding, belonging and liberation. While each of our experience and encounter with Africa might be different, we can all appreciate its rich history and culture and the sense of connectedness we feel to it.

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